2-row dba hohner erica

Hohner 2-row diatonic button accordion.


The firm of Hohner Musikinstrumente GmbH & Co. KG was founded by Mathias Hohner in Trossingen, Germany in 1857, as a manufacturer of harmonicas. They have long been a leader in production of Accordions and other free-reed instruments, including Concertina and Melodica, which is a mouth-blown keyboard instrument.


Popular accordions by Hohner include the Ariette, the Corona, the Club, and Erica. Hohner has been a major innovator in the field of free-reed instrument development.

Promotion of musicEdit

They formed one of the first accordion orchestras, which toured Germany playing classical music in the 1920's [1]. Hohner's music school was founded in 1931 and despite suppression from the Nazi Regime went on to become a national academy in 1948 [2].



Hohner official site.

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