The Trikitixa is a type two-row diatonic accordion used in Basque music. It is a two-row accordion, keyed a fourth apart, and has 23 treble buttons. It is a fourth button start accordion, with the first two buttons on each row providing accidentals, so players can play a chromatic scale. On the left hand there are 12 unisonoric basses, that give 5 major and 1 minor chord. Usually, trikitixas have three or four treble reeds, with no stops, and five bass voices.

The most common tuning nowadays is Bb/Eb, althoug G/C is quite common tuning. In the past, trikitixas were tuned in C#/F#.

Nowadays, these accordions are made in Italy, being Zero-Sette the most common maker, but in the past, there was a maker in the Basque Country, Larrinaga-Guerrini, who later turned Larrinaga.

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  • Tirikitrauki (in basque), shop of musical instruments, where you can see the different models of zero-sette available.
  • Jota, by Rufino Arrola (trikitixa) and Kepa Arrizabalaga (tambourine and singing).
  • Porrusalda, by Luis Bilbao (trikitixa) and Kepa Arrizabalaga (tambourine and singing)
  • Biribilketa, by Rufino Arrola (trikitixa)

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